Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Left Cardwell on Friday

We have taken off from Cardwell (Port Hinchinbrook). It is always a good feeling to leave port with a clean, full boat. meaning boat has been washed, laundry done, food restocked, water and fuel restocked. we thought we would go up to Dunk Island before making our way south. We are in company with Wanderlust from the rally. Bill & Inaka will continue north when we head south.
We ended up spending one night at Dunk as the winds turned more from the NW which made the anchorage rocky. It was also very busy with people. Jet skis tearing up the anchorage. Not what we want to be around. Off the boat after we knew she was secure on her anchor and we went for a walk. We walked for a long time before coming back to the jetty cafe for a latte, and chocolate milk. We ran into Inaka and invited them to com by the boat for a sundowner. It is our anniversary and we have a bottle of champagne to share.  Bill also wanted to have a look at the computer to see weather forecast because they heard rumors of the weather turning sour over the weekend. We all decided that this wasn't a good anchorage due to the wind direction, and we would move on in the morning. It is always kind of sad to depart with ones you have come to know and like. As you never know when we will meet again, but then again I'm sure when w do it will be extra special! here are a few shots of us walking the beach at Dunk. have to say this is my favorite so far as it has that tropical feel I like soso much!

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