Thursday, June 25, 2009

The contest tonight

Well we are almost finished now. Can't get any more points. Last chance was a quiz they gave out at Dunk Island. 15 questions and we found out that we were tied at 3rd place in the quiz by answering 13 questions correctly. What I was sure we got them all right!! Oh well another bottle of wine was won. That makes it 6 bottles all up. Now for the contest there were 11 entries, Jerrica was our model, as there is no way I was getting into a bikini! Samantha & Kendra weren't here as they left today for the Sunshine Coast. When it was time for the contest Jerr and I left to go get changed. we were both a bit nervous. We were finally called up around the 8th boat. Jerrica did great she walked across the stage to the judges turned around so they could see the whole swimsuit and then walked back. the round of applause was so loud!  This was a judged event with 6 or 7 judges and one of them was a swimwear designer! The winner wins a $200.00 gift certificate. Turns out that Jerrica & I won! ( well I did design it!) Here are a few photo's.

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