Thursday, June 25, 2009

Port Hinchinbrook

On to Port Hinchinbrook for the finish of the rally. The first day in was Sunday, and we had to wait outside the channel for the tide as it is very shallow. We are going into a marina here. Quite a site to see 42 boats entering into a small marina. As the tide reached enough draft for us to start to enter there was a lot of chatter on the radio, and one of the boats came on and said " Okay we got ourselves a convoy" in a real southern accent. It was quite funny. Nothing on tonight, but there was a lot of partying happening as the race was also finishing this night! We stayed in and I worked on Jerrica's  swimsuit as tomorrow night is a homemade (boat made) swimsuit contest. We are all pretty tired and it is good to be tied up to the marina, as we can rest easy knowing the boat is safe from wind, waves, and dragging anchors. I stayed up the latest to finish the swimsuit. 

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