Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Magnetic Island

We all gathered at the Marlin Tavern for dinner and more prizes. We are not doing to bad with the point system! There was live music and more dancing. See photos. Samantha ( my oldest) joined us here to do the rest of the rally with us. We spoke to several others boats, who told us of there experience of the Cape Bowling Green anchorage, and their trip across to Magnetic Island.
Most weren't happy in the conditions, and had seasick crew. the 2 boats that did end up on the beach are now free, and one has joined us here at the anchorage. The other we heard went to Townsville to check for any damage. In hearing how many boats dragged their anchor I am glad we most always chose to anchor on or own away from most of the crowd, as some of the boats dragged across others. we are going ashore in a few hours to a resort that has a pool, and we will have a bbq there. More competions and more prizes, and more points to score. By the way we got points last night as Steve the director said the first person up here with red knickers and can show us will win 9 points. Guess who was the first up..... Bruce as he pulled his shotrs down on the side to show his red knickers! hahahaha we laughed so hard. Won a bottle of wine. Now we have won a bottle of red ( I won 1 of 5  best pirate costume), and a bottle of white. Bruce will update map later. More to follow. ;o)

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