Thursday, January 6, 2011

A bit further South

Funnel cloud off GKI
Storms over Cape Cap
Storms all around us
rainy sunset with a rainbow

Today we sailed/motored down to Pancake Creek. Was quite a stormy day today. It started this morning while we were still anchored at Cape Cap. What an incredibly uncomfortable night we had there!! The winds came in from the North, with a spring tide against it plus all the river water made for some really choppy rolly conditions.
I was glad to pull out of there this morning on day break! Neither one of us slept much. We motored the first part of the morning, with anther storm brewing behind, to the east, and to the South of us. We managed to stay just out of them, but eventually we got caught in a couple, but luckily there weren't any big winds in them.
Having only been into Pancake one time before we had to really pay attention coming in. With a spring tide against the wind it got a bit animated, but we managed and are safely anchored for a few days. We are both looking forward to a few days relax while we are here. We were thinking while we watched the sunset in the pouring rain ,quite unusual, that this was our first anchorage on our first journey that we stayed in for a while because of strong wind warnings.
These photos were taken today, all but the funnel cloud that one was taken the day we left the marina. In that funnel cloud i actually saw the water being picked up and spun all about. I thought at first I was seeing smoke, but with the binoculars I could see it was the funnel cloud picking up the water.

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