Sunday, January 2, 2011

aahhh that's nice

We left the marina today the 2nd of Jan. 2011. We are currently anchored at GKI. It is good to be out again. 12 nights in the marina minus 2 during Christmas. On the way out this morning we heard of 2 submerged boats in the area. All apparently from the Burnett river floods. Flood water have now closed the airport in Rocky and all major roads except the road heading North.
Something we are going to have keep our eyes on as we travel South. Debris continues to move about in the waters between Bundaburg and here. One boat a 25ft. upside down catamaran was just off of Pearl Bay from Bundaburg.
There looks to be some calm weather happening later this week, but just concerned with the debris, and the forming lows.

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