Sunday, January 30, 2011

Most difficult anchorage

We have really had a time at this anchorage! We have dragged anchor twice, and have moved 5 times. We moved again this afternoon as it was getting dangerous where we were anchored. We had wind against incoming tide, and we were moving around our anchor like we were sailing. The wind is blowing 30 knots due to cyclone Anthony making landfall sometime today just North of us in Bowen. Spring tides are starting to happen with a new moon on Tuesday. There is not a lot to choose from here as it is shallow, and there are quite a few moored boats. We moved up to the river bank up river just past the last moored boat in 8 to 7 feet of water. It is much calmer here wind wise. Just a bit unnerving having moved around 5:30 on the full tide as we haven't really had a chance to watch her on anchor during the tide change. Fingers crossed we have a chance to move on at the end of the week. After another cyclone moves ashore once again around Bowen giving us E to NE winds. This next one has developed fast, and will move fast to the coast, but so far it is the strongest one we have seen this season.

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