Saturday, January 8, 2011

shag on our boat

Shag on our boat
View up into Pancake Creek
Rainbow next to the boat yesterday morning

We are still at Pancake and enjoying our time here. We had to top up the batteries today, so while the generator was on I got out my sewing machine and made a few new screen covers for the hatches. I used a very fine mesh so that it keeps the smallest of bugs out, only to use in those very buggy anchorages. I must admit my project last week making the screen cover for our doorway was a BIG success! Again I used the finest mesh there as well.

Bruce is working on a website at the moment, so after we finished our jobs we put in Little Soul and went for a ride up the creek. I packed a afternoon tea, and we had it on the creek. Once back on board we showered and had tea. We had the most amazing sunset tonight. One of those sunsets that keeps getting better and better until it is dark. When it was just about dark I got up from the table to put something away when I saw a shag on the bow. Here is a photo. It was so cute the colors were so clean and clear the photo doesn't show much. It let me walk up to the side of the boat and take its picture.

WInds are still expected to be 15/20 until Tuesday so we are going to sit here until then.

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