Monday, January 31, 2011

We lucked out this time

Well we were lucky with Cyclone Anthony as he stayed on his track and came in at Bowen as a cat 2 barely. Now we have cyclone Yasi, and she is a big one! Moving fairly quickly she is in the nE Coral sea, and moving in a WSW direction, and predictions have her coming in to where Anthony just made landfall. With today being Monday she is due to make landfall on Wed. not much time to get ready. We went up the creek again today, but this time on low tide to check out what the bottom is like to sit Tropical Soul in the creek and mangroves. It was a muddy expedition. Hopefully we will not have to go up there, but just in case we know now where we will go. We are keeping our eye on the forecasts and each weather update. Still looking like a window to leave on Saturday if the NE swells are settled down by then as the entrance here is a bar entrance exposed to the Northly conditions, and makes for breaking water. We will just have to keep our fingers crossed on this one. I just had a look at the wind maps and we will have a good 3 days of ENE winds to make our way down at least to the Sandy Straits and possibly Mooloolaba.
Mooloolaba would be very exciting for me as I am looking forward to seeing Samantha there, and doing a bit of a restock in my most favorite Health food shop on the East Coast.

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