Saturday, February 5, 2011

Made our break!

We finally got a weather window to start South again! We left on Feb. 4th at the high tide out of Round Hill. The seas were quite rough, and I came the closest I've been in nearly 20 years to being seasick so much so I had to lie down in the cockpit. As the day progressed and the tides changed things started to settle just a little bit. We finally had a good sail after nearly 5 weeks! We sailed down to Bundaburg, the Burnett River. I don't mind if we never go there again. There is just something I don't like about it. Last night we were lucky to get 3 hours sleep! When we first anchored it was fine as we had wind and tide together, but around 10 o'clock the tide turned a spring tide at that and it was so rough! I really didn't sleep until the tide turned again in the wee hours of the morning neither did Bruce.
Today was a contrast we had beautiful wind sailed all day only had engines on for the channel, but we had squally weather most of the which brought strong gusty wind and rain. The rain was good as the boat was so salty after yesterday as we took a lot of water across the bow. Most of the day we had 15/22 kts of wind about 60 to 90 degrees on the port bow. We were skipping along at 7/8 kts. We stopped at Big Woody Island as we couldn't make it any further across the Sheridan Flats the tides weren't right, and Big Woody is the best NE anchorage.
The best news of all is we were able to find a berth for us for a week or so in Mooloolaba! We have a weather window through to Monday, so tomorrow we will sail down through the Sandy Straits. Monday we will cross the Wide Bay bar and sail to Mooloolaba! YAY I get to see one of our daughters in a couple of days. I haven't seen Sammy for about 5 months. Well thats all for now. I will update again soon.

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