Saturday, February 19, 2011


We did leave Mooloolaba today. It is always quite rough coming out of Mooloolaba no matter what the weather. Today was no different. We made good time to just off the NW channel, and then the ebbing tide slowed us right down We had to start an engine, and then the second one and we were still only doing 2 to 3 kts over the ground! Once the tide slowed a little and our angle changed we were able to shut down the engines and sail into Tangalooma. It turned into a rather nice sail as the winds picked up just a bit to 10/14 kts out of the ENE. It took us nearly 8 hrs to get here against the tides. We anchored around 1800 hrs. Tonight we are enjoying a clear night with a shining full moon (last night). Winds have eased to still.
Looks like we will stay here until late in the week as a strong SE is making it's way here on Monday.

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