Tuesday, February 22, 2011

not the best of anchorage

Well we had a couple of good days here, and then this front that we knew was coming hit us last night around 6pm, and it has been a bit ordinary since then. As you can see from the photos this was one hell of a front (trough) that came through. The front came through from the SW where we are wide open to putting us on a lee shore. Lucky the winds weren't too bad we clocked 36 kts in a gust. I have to say it was the most lightning we have sat through on the sea!!!! Some pretty close hits too, as Bruce cold smell the sulfur in the air from the lightning. We also had blinding rain so heavy you couldn't see a thing in front of you. Today we have had wind that is meant to be S/SE, but we are experiencing SSW to S winds and lucky for us it's only been in the 15/20 range. talking to Trish and Lance this morning they are experiencing 40/45 kts on the Gold Coast! What makes it so uncomfortable here is when the wind and tide go against each other. The one nice thing about it all is the wind is rather cool, and I'm LOVING it. Bruce says its too cool!! Well we have a few more days of these conditions and we can't really move on too rough. We can just hope the winds go a little more to the East to give us more protection.
Oh the best part of being here are the dolphins!! We saw one yesterday before the storm hit come jumping out of the water about 5 times. Clear out of the water!! It was so exciting to see, and tonight at sunset we had one swim up behind the boat and then next to the boat.

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