Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time well spent

We arrived in Mooloolaba at 12 on Monday morning. We had a beautiful sail after we crossed the dreaded Wide bay Bar!! I'll back track a little here. We left Big Woody to travel through the straits and cross the flats while tide was rising. We made some pretty good time, and while travelling we were deciding what is the best way to go. We now have a second option at Mooloolaba the marina or the wharf. Do we cross the bar when we get there? Wait for the tide to turn? We stopped to try to clear the barnacles off the props but the current was rather strong, so we motored over to Pelican Bay. Bruce got out the hooka rig and gave the props a once over. They were pretty bad! I made lunch and cook some pasta up to use later on in case it is too rough to cook. By the time we were ready to go it was 1/2 tide, a 1 metre swell, and not much water exchanging between the high and the low. We decided we would go for it, and if we had a look and didn't like it come back in. Breaking all the rules 1/2 tide flowing out,wind against tide, & the strongest part of the tide. Bruce asked if I was okay, and I said if your confident about it I'm ok with it.
We were doing 10 knots out of the channel. Coped green waves over the whole cabin top! Several times!! Once we were out and away from the river current we had a nice sail!
Now we are back in the Mooloolaba Marina tackling our list. We are full on, and I'm very sleepy at the moment. Going to bed.

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