Saturday, February 12, 2011

Where has the week gone?

I can't believe we've been here almost a week already. We have been full on non stop working on the boat since we arrived so much so we have worn ourselves out! We are trying to achieve what is on our list so when we have the next weather window we will be ready. We had to take the dodger down to be repaired and have been without it all week. We really have missed it, its like losing our living room. We have had the rigging checked and adjusted, the batteries tested, (we have 4 bad start batteries), emptied out both the front bow lockers (something we haven't done since we left 2 years ago), and cleaned them, if we haven't used it in the last year it either went to the bin or back in storage. Each day has been filled with a long list of what we have accomplished. It really felt good to be rid of the excess in the front lockers, and too have them mould free.
We have also found time to do a little socializing as well. We went to a bbq on Tuesday night as it was Suzanne's birthday, and caught up with a lot of the old gang here. Talked with Jessica briefly, and spent time with Samantha & Brendan. We were invited up to Les for dinner. What a good night that was talking, eating, watching a slide show or two with Les, Jillian, and Susie.
Utopia is here at the marina, and Bruce has had a catch up with Andrew.

I spent the day with Samantha which was really nice. We went to the Eumundi markets where I met up with some folks I haven't seen in years, Leslie, & Steve, whom were part of our wedding celebration, and Elizabeth whom I went to TAFE with back in 2003 /2004. I bought some pillows for us and Samantha bought a really pretty ring.
This is really a beautiful part of the Queensland coast! It is too bad there isn't more to do with the boat around here.
After dropping Sam home I went to Coles to do a bit of a restock, and get ingredients to make my spaghetti sauce tomorrow. Brendan and Sam will be having dinner here. At this stage we maybe leaving on Thursday.

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