Monday, February 14, 2011

Rainy Monday

We had a REALLY GOOD time yesterday. I started my spaghetti sauce early in the morning, and enjoyed the aromas all day! Sam & Brendan came over to play with us and eat some dinner. We got in the dingy and went around to dog beach to have a swim. We swam and watched all the boats coming and going as the dog beach is near the river mouth. Once back to the boat we had a visitor Sam who is looking to buy a Lagoon or something similar. He is going to come back with his wife today to have a look around a chat. Just as we were serving up dinner Les and Jillian came around, and we invited them for some tea. I always make a pretty big pot of sauce. We all had a nice chat, and enjoyed each others company.
Now we are sitting on the boat planning our day watching the torrential rains falling. I'm so glad it is today and not yesterday. At the moment we don't have our boat covers as they are back at the trimmers being tidied up, but thank goodness we had them over the weekend. Each day is a contrast to the day before. I am truly enjoying our stay here. Looks like we will head out on Friday now to give the seas a day to settle. More later.

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