Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it a boat or a truck?

The day before yesterday we actually had some swimming weather. The water was just starting to clear, the sun was shining and the breeze was gentle & warm. As we were lounging in the water this came by us. Check it out. It's neither it's a Lark. I also have a video for it as well, and will try to post it on the next entry.
Yesterday was a rainy day all day, and I caught buckets of water to do some hand washing (laundry). We also had to fire up the genie, to make power & water. Today it became quite windy and sunny. Each day is a contrast. I did do some hand washing today, and also gave the cockpit a scrub.
We took the dingy ashore for another coffee, and then went to explore the mangroves. There are several lows around. One is now a tropical low in the NE Coral sea, and we want to make sure we have somewhere upstream t tuck ourselves into. As we can't go South yet due to strong winds and flooding rivers. We have the Burnett which is just South of us and it started to flood again, the next is Mary river which is flooding and the biggest now is the Brisbane river flood. At the moment it has peaked to be as big as the flood that hit the city in 1974. The flooding is very extreme. Luckily Jo & Peta are high and dry. Samantha came in on a flight on the 11th which is when it all started in Brisbane. Roads were closed and she was not able to get back to the Sunshine Coast. She ended up staying at Mitch & Jo's for the night and most of the next day before she was able to get through to get home.

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