Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve

Well it is a quiet one on the boat, but is blowing like crazy outside! we are still at Keppel Bay marina, but may head out to GKI on Sunday.
An update on the flood situation. The rain has stopped for now, but the threat of flooding continues in this area as the water makes it way from the highlands, and Emerald to Rocky. Yesterday the roads into Rocky closed and held up the delivery trucks to the grocery stores. We went to the shops about 10:30 and the shelves were all ready empty. We did manage to get what we needed by shopping at all 3 of the stores in town. We went back later in the day and there wasn't any produce left at all.
I went into town today and was please to see that Woolworth's was restocked. They had a truck come through. Bruce said the highway is open again, but that may change on Tuesday when the river is meant to peek.
I had a major clean up day in the cockpit. Tired of all the mildew on the netting and cabin top I took everything out of the cockpit and gave it a big clean. Now we are all clean, restocked, refueled and ready for the New Year!

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