Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Keppel Bay Marina

We had a GREAT sail into Keppel Bay Marina. Winds SE 20 kts, with the seas whipped up due to the wind against a very high spring tide. The sky is looking quite tropical as if something is brewing. Tides are running ver high at the moment with the Full moon, and eclipse!
We didn't see the Eclipse was to cloudy.
As we were leaving Svendson's beach Bruce saw a boat he thought he recognised to be Morning Stars. He gave a call on the VHF and it was them. Thought for sure they would be way down South by now, as they were heading for Tassie. Turns out that they are also going into the marina. They sailed in behind us, and Bruce was able to assist them in their tie up.
They came over to say hello and suggested we have a meal together. We met up at 6 to go for chinese, whuch turned out to be closed so we went to Y. Yuck it was absolutely horrible! U guess the clue should have been when we walked in and there wasn't any customers, now we know why! Before we left we had a chat to Salva from Sokle ( and Tora Tora). Nice people that will catch up with for a sundowner before they head off. After dinner we came back to the boat for after dinner drinks and coffee. Was a very enjoyable night.

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