Tuesday, December 28, 2010

more Christmas photos

Rita's gingerbread house
painting by Jo
Jo not sure about gift
Peta happy

We spent all of the day at Chris's. Eating and playing games mean while it poured down rain all day long. Bruce jumped online a couple of times to check the weather and it wasn't looking to good. the low is now a cyclone and making land fall in Cairns. Boat is secure the cyclone Tasha was only cat 1. What it did have was heaps of rain falling just North of Yeppoon. Which means more water moving into the already full rivers. We decided that we should get on the road boxing day to make it back to the boat before roads start to get cut off. We left out of Brisbane around 8:30 am, and made it as far as Beerwah just South of the Sunshine Coast when a car crash just ahead of us closed the roads! Turns out there was a fatality. We sat in bumper to bumper traffic for 3 hours! Shit it was frustrating!
Finally on the move again with rain showers on and off we made our way back to Yeppoon. The rivers we crossed swollen and flowing hard and fast. When we got around the Bundaberg area we started to see more water coming along the side of the roads and heavier rain. Creeks overflowing and in one area water over the road. One of the road side stops was cut off from the road with flood waters surrounding it.
We stopped in at Miram Vale for fuel and Bruce asked the clerk of road conditions, and she said her daughter made it home to Yeppoon not long ago. Knowing that things can change in just minutes we were still on high alert.
It was when we got between Mt. Larcom and Rocky that the water was becoming a huge issue! By now it is dark which was making watching out a bit more of an issue. At one point we had to go on the other side of the road to avoid water on our side of the road.
Back home by 10 pm and unpacked the car in just a light drizzle. Glad to be back. A hot shower and our bed was really good.

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