Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1st

Approaching Olden Island

TS at acnchor with the mainland behind her
Storms in the passage

First day of summer! We have had a bit of a rest day today. We have been going since we left Orpheus island on Saturday. We left Maggie early on Sunday for cape Upstart. The last 4 hours was a fantastic sail!!! Sailed right into the anchorage. We had a bit of a problem with the bottom bat car. The one that Bruce has repaired had come undone, and since it is glued to the batten, we will have to wait until we can get a new batten to change out with a new car. In the mean time we repaired that one again. We didn't sail at all on the way down, so it should have had time to dry and set in.
Don't know what happened to the predicted NE winds?? They never came. We were punching into SE 15 kts all day. Some of the time it got quite lumpy! NE were predicted again yesterday & today, but once again SE all day. Which doesn't matter to much for us at the moment because we came into Olden island which is protected from SE & NE. We had a bit of a rest day today. Was nice to have a couple of morning to do my yoga as I haven't had time since we left on Saturday. We did get a shore between showers and had a bit of a walk along the beach.
We are moving on in the morning.
It is a lovely spot, and we have really enjoyed the solitude of the anchorage. Tomorrow into Airlie for some groceries, fuel, and some laundry. We want to be ready for Friday in case these NE winds do come in!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys, Utopia II here. Sounds like you are having fun with predicted NE not comming thru like us. we left Airlie on Sunday and had E/SE for 3 days until Fraser Island when the NE came thru. Motoring into headwinds for 3 days, not fun. Hope the winds come thru for you.

saundra said...

Hello Andrew,
It was nice to hear from you. You must be almost home by now!
We are still in Airlie hoping to leave on Monday. We are having to wait on engine mounts.
Look forward to catching up with you when we are finally down your way.
All the Best
Tropical Souls
Bruce & Saundra