Friday, December 10, 2010

ready to go

Well the engine mounts were fitted today. All is good. We are ready to travel South now.
Yesterday after sailing into Muddy Bay we had water in the bilges again! Determined to find out where it is coming from we popped open the engine compartment and studied it together, and thats when we got the idea to look in the compartment behind the engine, where the rudder sits.
BINGO water in all the compartments back there!! Turns out that the caulking in the last step was just about gone. took us a 1 1/2 hrs to clear the back compartment as there is no bilge pump system there. It was cup to bucket, and our handy little vacume pump. Once again we have dry bilges! Today after the mechanic left Bruce scraped out what was left of the old caulking, dried it, and re-caulked it. It was flat calm when we motored across to Cid Harbor so it wasn't much of a test. It will be something we will have to keep an eye on.
Looks like we have some traveling weather until Tuesday maybe even a bit longer. Not sure where we go from here we will be getting the charts out next to have a look. I will post along the way when I can.

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