Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Brisbane

Well there has been some wild weather for sure. I should say our Christmas plans were yes and no for a couple of days. We did our shop, for presents and food. Then we had news of this low forming just North of us and we were not sure what was happening. We even called Jo to tell her we didn't think we could come due to the weather. This upset her which upset us!
We watched the weather reports online, and I even spoke to the meteorologist from Rocky met on the VHF to ask him a few questions about the upcoming weather. After further research we could see that the major concern will be just after Christmas, so we decided we would go after all and keep an eye on how things developed.
The drive wasn't to bad and we were able to make a few stops in Mooloolaba on the way down.
Dropping more things into storage, and only getting out one bag (my yoga gear for upcoming yoga classes next year). Also stopped into the marina where we ran into Bruce, Peter, and Margaret fellow cruisers. Weather has been just as miserable there! We got a sheet of their berthing rates and were told not to even think about coming in until after Jan as they were totally booked out!
Finally to Brisbane and finding the traffic was very light. Arrived just before Jo & Mitch. We went to go get Peta at her work Grilled and had a burger for dinner. Yum!
Christmas day was spent at Chris's place, and was GREAT fun!

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