Friday, December 3, 2010

Ca Ching

We did really good. By the end of the day we had all of our chores finished, and even had a mechanic organized to fix our broken engine mount Friday morning. To celebrate we went out to dinner at Fish D'vine. Highly recommend this place. The food was so fresh and tasty! They also have a RUM Bar which sells 300 different kinds of RUM! We tried a couple of really nice rum liqueurs.
We are now in Abel Point Marina. CA Ching that is the sound of more money spending. We were scheduled to leave this morning. We found out this morning that we don't have a broken engine mount......we have 3 broken engine mounts, with only 2 in stock. The others aren't arriving until Monday. We will replaced the 4th one as well. The port side is fixed now. Bruce says we were so lucky it didn't do any damage to the sail drive with both mounts broken it is a possibility. I did come up with the idea of sourcing them in Mackay, and driving down to get them it would be cheaper then sitting here all weekend. They have what we need in stock, BUT turns out the road between here and there is closed. For some reason unknown to us we are meant to sit here. We trust in that, so we will just go with the flow. I might even get some Christmas shopping done today!!!
That is all for now.

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