Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Finally Bait reef!

We made it out to Bait Reef yesterday. Was a bit daunting as the stake that marks the entrance was missing and in it's place is a buoy, but there are several buoys here. Not to worry Bruce says it will all get clearer as we get closer. I'm on the helm and Bruce is on the bow. One of the things we learned last time was communication, so I mentioned to get out our headsets. We put them on and I went up to the starboard bow, and we find our way into the lagoon.
We picked up the middle mooring in the 3 that were vacant, as we never been to this one. Once settled in we have some lunch enjoying the absolutely still calm day. The only thing really missing is the sun, it is hazy out with thin clouds across the sky. We got ourselves ready and went for a snorkel in a few different spots. Is so good to be on the reef again.To top the day off we had an beautiful sunset.
Today was totally different then yesterday. We got the sun, but we also got some wind. Blowing 15 kts most of the day, making the area very lumpy. We were planning a dive for today and it is a good thing as it is too rough to snorkel. I had a bit of trouble once in the water my mask didn't fit properly ( I was trying to use the photo mask), and was filling with water. Still on the surface I'm trying to adjust it when I cop a wave in my face and swallow a heap of salt water. Cough cough I need my other mask please. Bruce pulls himself over the side of the dingy and gets my mask. By now I'm not exactly calm and Bruce tells me to relax. It takes me a while, but I finally calm down and get into the rhythm of my breath. We are on our way and I realize I don't have my camera, but didn't want to turn around to go back. It was a good thing as there were times when we were down as deep as 30 feet, and my camera is only rated for 10 ft. We made it back towards the dingy just as the air was starting to get hard to draw. We dove for about 1 1/2 hours on one battery so that is why it was getting harder to breath, and the fact that we were diving so deep at times. It was good to give it a go again, and we decided this next year we try and use it a lot more to get more comfortable with it.
We will head back to Airlie Beach tomorrow and anchor in Muddy Bay. We made arrangements to have the engine mounts installed on Friday morning, after that we should be on our way. Signal too weak to upload photos so will load them up tomorrow.

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