Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas shopping

Well must have been the full moon and the coffee yesterday, that I didn't sleep but about 2 hours last night. By 4:00 I was up out of bed and about 4:30 started doing my yoga. We had some breakie and then headed out to start on my list. We had to finish our Christmas shop today.
Also took the laundry and did that while out. The weather is still cloudy and rainy. Ended up in Yeppoon then in Rocky to finish at spotlight. Tomorrow we will go out to do the food shop for Christmas. We have asked Liz and Dave if they would like a lift in to do their shop so we bringing them in with us.
We ran into Drew of Lick-a Dee Split at the Yeppoon shops. Jo is just back from Ft. Lauderdale, and Key West. We will catch up with them before we go. The Big W had empty shelfs from all the merchandise they sold out of and probably not getting enough stock coming in to refill due to Mercury Retrograde, and some flooding.
Tomorrow we are planning on giving the boat a bit of a clean up and retie of dock lines to make sure she is secure in her pen. At the moment there is a Low brewing up North of us and the winds are starting to blow pretty strong. Some wild weather indeed.

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