Friday, December 17, 2010

Hunter Island to GKI

wicked sky
big storms down south
pink seas
eerie sunset
sunset at Hunter Island

We decided to continue South, as we didn't like the look of the NE anchorage on Hexham Island. We were going to go into Island Head Creek, but got there around 1:30, and with the lovely weather we decided to continue on to Great Keppel Island. There aren't too many places I would feel okay with traveling into in the night, but we got to know this area pretty good last summer. We also knew we would have a bit of a moon in the sky which helped. The sunset was a beautiful one, but also a bit eerie as it looked very stormy. As we sailed down there was lightening going off along the coast to the South.
We had a bit of dulldrums between 2/3 in the afternoon, so we just had a lunge on the trampoline and let George (our auto pilot) steer for a while. once the winds picked up again we had a beaut sail with 15/18 kts of wind behind us.
Got into GKI around 11:15 and anchored at Long Beach. Check out these photos from yesterday. There is some really wicked weather happening around, and I think it has something to do with the full moon coming up on the 21st, and with the full moon is the lunar eclipse.

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