Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bye Bye Gladstone

We left Gladstone this morning. Untied and slipped out of the berth at 7:45 a.m. We are making our way through what is called 'The Narrows'. To make your way through the Narrows you have to use the high or rising tide. There are areas that actually dry out on the low tide! We have stopped for the night in Graham Creek to wait for the rising tide in the morning. It is a pretty anchorage, and such a contrast to Gladstone with it's big industry. Once in Graham Creek all you see are the surrounding country sides of rolling hills , and Mount Larcom. To the left find a picture of Mt. Larcom from the anchorage. 

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Jeff said...

Hey you two, glad to see you are enjoying the boat! As it turns out, I'm in Brisbane this weekend on a short business trip. I left voicemails on your land lines and then checked the website. I found Curtis Island on Google Earth and am following your adventure with only a bit of envy.

Fair winds and smooth sailing,
Jeff Eastman
Bebe L'amour