Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shaw Island

Well we had a bit of a wild night on Sunday night/ Monday morning. Around midnight we woke to find that we had dragged anchor! The wind was howling, and the rain was coming. We were both calm about the situation. Lucky that where we are anchored at the moment doesn't have many hazards. We were drifting towards the Whitsunday passage. Bruce went on the bow to get the anchor in, while I took the helm. Once the anchor was in and we could figure out where we were, we could start to make our way back to the anchorage. It would happen to be a new moon this night, and the skies were so dark. You couldn't see much of anything. Using the gps                  ( navigation equipment), and the anchor lights from the few other boats in the anchorage we got back in. There was one boat that had no lights on at all, and we knew he was somewhere in front of us when we were anchored before. Couldn't find him so that made a bit of a concern. Once anchored needless to say neither one of us could sleep. The wind was blowing at least 30 knots, and the islands here form what they call bullets off the land which take the wind and brust it off the land. Making the wind blow even harder. Last night we had some more of the same, but the wind wasn't as strong. We will just say our sleep was broken. We both had times where we were up checking out our situation. Winds are expecting to ease tomorrow, so we will most likely be moving on.

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JoJo said...

Amazing Photos, I love the beautiful sunsets, very hard to pick a favorite. It is so great to hear bout what you are doing. Scary stuff with the boat and no lights. Sounds like you are having some great adventures. All is well at home. I have been painting like crazy.
Miss you both heaps
lots of Love
xoxo :)

10 days till my market.. eekk hehe yay