Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thomas Island here we come

We left Scawfell after a 2 day rest. We had a good time there.  It will be a place we look forward to going back to. There was a great area to dive on, but it is still a bit cold. We are now in the southern end of the Whitsundays. Had another nice trip to our next destination Thomas Island. Listening to the vhf as this is our only means for knowing what is happening with the weather. Looks like we will have some weather moving in. We will stay a night or 2 behind Thomas then look for a more secure anchorage. There is a low pressure that has developed south of here, and it looks like Mooloolaba is getting their share of high winds and rain again! Also hitting Brisbane and the Northern NSW coast line. We are coming into a new moon so tides are starting to become higher highs and lower lows, which means there is a lot more water moving.  The last picture is Scawfell behind us. The first & second pictures is a water spout I spotted as we were entering into the anchorage. We ended up with a pretty heavy thundershower over us later that night. With lot's of lightning, strong winds and really heavy rain. The rain was a good thing as we needed to wash the boat down she was so salty! ;o)

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