Thursday, May 14, 2009

Great Keppel Island

Well we had a break in the weather. We left Deception Creek this morning, and had a  GREAT sail! Finally I think that is the first good sailing weather we had since leaving Mooloolaba. Seas are a bit confused at the moment, so some of it was a bit like a washing machine. Anyway we are anchored now behind Great Keppel Island. This is where Samantha (one of our daughters) came for her schoolies! We have heard the resort has closed down. We will not have time  now to explore as while we have the good weather window we will continue on. Which means a very early start tomorrow. We will be raising anchor at 4:30 to make our next anchorage before it gets to late. I am posting a few pictures with this.  Leaving Deception Creek, with the sky's looking a bit green. (We had storm clouds around this morning.) There is one of us arriving here at Great Keppel. Notice the color of the water, it's starting to turn a clearer. Tropical Soul anchored and of course a sunset picture. Hope you don't get tired of the sunset pictures!

I would like to say hello and WELCOME to Jeff Eastman a new follower on our blog. Jeff & his wife Deborah were the original owners of our boat. They  had the boat for many years in San Francisco.

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