Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Narrows

We left Graham Creek this morning around 7 am to make our way through The Narrows. We had a rising tide this morning until 10:15 am. I posted one picture named the cattle crossing, which during low tide is high and dry. The sunset picture is here where we are anchored for the night in Deception Bay. I see why it may be called Deception Bay as we were coming in it was hard to read the bottom. It looked like shallow water, but in fact we were in 24 feet. The shallow water look is due to the dirt in the water running with the current in diffferent areas. Will stay here tomorrow as well. Checking weather reports as there may be a low forming near us. Tomorrow weather permitting we will go off in the dingy to explore the creeks upstream, and maybe catch a fish. ;o)

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