Sunday, May 24, 2009

Now anchored behind Shaw Island

We moved here yesterday as this anchorage will give us a good place to ride out this next bit of weather. We are under strong wind warnings for the next few days as this low moves of the coast and a high pressure ridge moves in behind it. We have been lucky with the weather so far, and glad to be here in a safe anchorage. We are listening to the vhf radio and at the moment there is a boat in distress on one of the reefs.  Marine Volunteer Services are on their way to rescue them. With the new moon tonight the skys are very very dark, and the water is moving very fast as well. We didn't do much today. caught up on our emails, and tried to catch some fish from the back of the boat. We have a very unusual fish with us. He has been circling around the back of the boat. Keeps looking up at me. Wants nothing to do with my bait, but loves the bits of apple I tossed to him. I think he is a vegetarian fish! I got him to come up to the surface behind the boat to have a good look at him. Using our fish book (thanks Sam) we were able to identify him. It is a long fin bat fish about the size of 2 dinner plates. Talking on the radio to our friends about it, and one of the other boats mentioned " Don't eat the bat fish you will get sick!" Well that put's us up to date. We are now only a day's sail from Airlie, and are waiting the arrival of Kendra & Jerrica to arrive in 2 weeks from Florida. They are spending their summer vacation with us. I am so EXCITED!

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