Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cid Harbor

These are from yesterday, and our crossing here to Nara Inlet. There is also one that I took of Dent island. The sailboat you see here is the one posted a couple of days ago with the tall mountainous Island behind them. This will be the last time we will see Bill on this journey as he is making his way North. The birds were visitors when at Cid Harbor. Today is Sue's Birthday, and I made a cake for her. We had dinner on their boat tonight.

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Jeff said...

I'm enjoying your progress northward and the photos are fantastic. We had an oil line blow in the engine room as we pulled into Hamilton Island in '83. Fortunately we got the engine off before there was damage but it made a heck of a mess. But I remember that island fondly and many of your stops north of Yeppoon look decidedly familiar too.

Keep the posts coming,