Thursday, November 17, 2011

2nd night snorkel and more coral spawning

 The group we've been snorkelling with the last few days
 Coral spawning

It has been such  good experience snorkelling at night here in Watson's Bay! One that we will remember for a long time. Made even more special was the people we shared it with! Rozzie, and Wayne some folks we have recently met that we now consider very good friends. We look forward to sharing more experiences with them as time goes by! Also with us was Lynda, & Phil from Duet II, Colin & Ali from Indigo, and Rick & Alex from Roxanne. Rick was such a big part of our experience as he has worked very closely with marine biologist when they were care takers on Lowe Isles for the past 10 yrs. We actually did 2 snorkels yesterday! We bashed our way across the swells in the Blue Lagoon towards the beach on South Island. Where we put up the dingies, and swam out to the reef from there as it was too rough to anchor the dingies out. It was a magic snorkel with the colours alive on the reef and water clarity was outstanding! My camera didn't work during the day, its on its last days so no photos there to share. We feel so blessed to have experienced one of natures wonders!

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