Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Undine reef to ourselves

 This giant clam has a coral garden growing on it.
 a cute little yellow box fish
 A huge Manta Ray which came by us twice while we were snorkelling.
 A cute clown fish
Beautiful coral garden
 Us enjoying the solitude of a reef anchorage.
This morning was a grey rainy day as we left Hope Island. Looking at radar the rain didn't look to widely spread. We didn't have far to go to reach Mackay reef. We had Vaya Con Dios in company when we left. As we motored in the calm winds and rainy weather I worked on some of my studies. Bruce put a fishing line out when we reached fishing grounds, and we enjoyed the trip. As we were making our way we had a radio call from Vaya Con Dios saying they caught a fish, and had also lost all their tank water into their bilge. Ok well we have plenty of water on board we can organise something when we get to Mackay reef. A few minutes later they radioed to say they were going to continue on to Lowe Isle because it wasn't good snorkelling weather. We said we might be behind you, but we will go and check out the reef while we are here. When we got to Mackay reef the skies were dark and rain was falling. On our approach we were having a hard time reading the water, and decided we shouldn't go in. Bruce replotted the course along the reef in case the sun decided to come out again as the clouds look to be thinning out. Sure enough we travelled just south of Mackay to Undine reef and the sun started to shine so in we went, and here we sit. It turned out to be a beautiful day & night! We had some fantastic snorkelling and a very relaxing time enjoying an anchorage to ourselves which we haven't had for quite sometime!

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