Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our first ever night snorkel

We met on the beach last night with 8 other people to venture into the waters to snorkel the reef at night.
The reason for the night dive is because the coral is spawning. Usually the coral only spawns once a year, but sometimes it is a spilt spawn where some spawn in November, and some in December. The coral need the right conditions to spawn, water temp at 26 to 27 degrees C, & 3 to 5 nights after the full moon.
 Coral spawning
 Look at how many wormy things are swimming around. One stung me on the cheek.
 blurry prawn
Some of the group

We were lucky enough to see some of the coral spawn on the brain coral types. We also got to see a lot of different sea life during the dark dive. We saw an octopus, an epilette shark, a lemon shark, some prawns, and lots of little sea life in the beam of our torch. There were also lots of these wormy things swimming around. Check out the photos. Not many came out and these few are a bit blurry but worth a look.
We enjoyed it so much we are all meeting again tonight for another night snorkel. I will hopefully get some more good shots tonight.

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