Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another 2 outstanding snorkels!

We snorkelled yesterday at Turtle Bay and it was magic. Rozzie spotted a juvenile harlequin sweetlip, but my camera battery was too low to take any more photos. We had a great time with Rick, Alex, Lynda, Rozzie, & Wayne. We are all getting ready to move on in the next few days as we have a weather window coming, so we are making the most of our time here.

Today we went and snorkelled the ledge at mermaid cove. Outstanding we saw a huge Humphead parrot fish, and a huge Maroi Wrasse along with heaps of other fish. Today we had Rozzie, Wayne, Phil, Lynda, Collin & Ali with us. It was a really good snorkel, and I still had some charge in my battery, so I wanted to try and find the juvenile sweetlip at Turtle Bay. Bruce found it and while I was trying to get its photo Wayne spotted a juvenile Barramundi cod within 5 feet of the juvenile sweetlip. TREASURE!!!
I spent the next 20 to 30 minutes trying to get good photos of these two fish. Not an easy task, as you can see below, but I did manage to get a few good ones. Check them out:
 Saw this on the way out to look for the juvenile sweetlip Mooray Eel
 here is the juvenile sweetlip
 a snap shot of it again on the side
 from up above
 Barramundi cod (juvenile) playing hide & seek with me
 My prize photo of the day!

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