Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Coconut Beach

 On our way to Coconut beach. Views over Blue Lagoon
 This us at the top coming down. Thanks to Rozzie who was on the beach as she took these photos!
 This is the same picture top one zoomed in bottom one shows how high up we were.
 Still coming down.
Nearly there
 Hahaha so much fun!

 Having fun on the beautiful beach
 Time to make our way back.
 Climbing up look at the colour of the water!
Enjoying a rest after we all made it up. Now all we had to do was get down the other side, and that was the hardest part of the trip as the ground was so dry. There were places when you didn't have anything to stop you from sliding down, so in a lot of those places I choose to go ahead and get on my butt and do just that slide down. The ground was loose gravel rock which made for some serious sliding. At one point Bruce was behind me and he slide as the wind caught the palm frond he was carrying and cause him to slide. He slide right into me and we both nearly went down together. Glad to say we all made it down safely. That was a few days ago and I haven't had the urge to do my daily walks since then, but tomorrow plan on getting back into it!

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