Sunday, November 27, 2011

last day/night of 2011 cruising season

We spent the night at Vlasoff reef for 2 nights. We got in for a snorkel this afternoon after the tide dropped a little. Each reef is different this one had some amazing corals, but not so much fish especially big fish. This reef is not a green zone meaning it can be fished on. After our snorkel we took the dingy to the beach and just as we were coming to shore there was a huge shark! It had to have been 10 ft long as it was longer then our dingy. There was a couple on shore with their 2 children, and they were just about to go into the water when they spotted this shark. From what we saw it was a bronze whaler which are known to be aggressive. Before we got in the water we drove by the sand cay and there were a couple of fishing boats anchored there, well apparently one of them tossed some fish heads into the water. What were they thinking or were they thinking with children playing right next to them, and snorkelers not far away (us). The shark came so far in to the beach to try and get the fish heads that it grounded itself, so we were told.
Well this is our last night out in the 2011 cruising season. We go into the marina tomorrow. This is quite different for us as we usually continue on south for the cyclone season. This year we are marina bound with our car and plan to do a bit of travelling by road, and getting to know the area as it has come to the top of the list for an area to settle in once we are ready to settle.
Our list has been started on the things we want to get done this summer to make ready fro a big trip around to the Kimberlies for next cruising season.
 Jelly fish are here see this one above, and I saw 2 more like it. Mind you its the ones you don't see that are the most dangerous here.
 Big tall coral heads with an assortment of corals.
 Us in our new skinny version!
 The new moon with a planet the photo doesn't do it justice, but it was beautiful to see!
Some of the things we're looking forward to : washing the boat inside and out with lot's of fresh water, skinny latte, hot water wash for laundry, & getting ready for a trip to visit some of our girls, and Uncle.


Craig and Kerry said...

Hi guys! You're gonna love the Kimberley's! They were the highlight of our trip so far - Apart from meeting you guys of course!

saundra said...

Thats nice to hear Craig! We are looking forward to it.